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S&H continues an impressive growth trend, growing 160% since Year 2009!

New product awards are on the rise as key customers search for qualified high performing suppliers like S&H, who are capable of negotiating long term contract manufacturing agreements to support the ramp up in production on new aerospace platforms.

S&H is winning new business on key aircraft programs such as Airbus A320neo, A330neo, A350, and A400M; Boeing 737MAX, 777X, and 787-900; the LeapX Engine main Fuel Pump; Gulfstream G650; Sikorsky CH-53K; the Air Force Super Tanker KC-46, and the Snecma Silvercrest turbofan.  We want to thank our customers for their trust and confidence:  Crane Aerospace, Eaton Aerospace, Esterline Advanced Sensors, Moog Aircraft Group, Parker Aerospace, Triumph Actuation Systems, and Woodward, Inc. Learn how we can help your business

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