• Precision Manufacturing

    We create the highest quality parts for commercial and military aviation, spacecraft, high-pressure pumps and precision machinery.
  • Quality & Control

    S&H maintains precise control over all aspects of production. Our systems and processes ensure consistent quality, output and on-time delivery.
  • Sophisticated Equipment

    More than 60 CNC machines including advanced 5-axis mills plus a talented team allow us to create any parts you need for your project.
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When do you need it?.

Lead time reduction is a paramount concern for the industries we serve. S&H relies on Lean principles and the development of standard processes to reduce setup and run times so we can remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

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Efficiency and Control.

Our customers are engaged in a competition to win and maintain market share. We utilize the latest technology and Lean principles to offer products and solutions at the best possible price, thereby giving our customers a competitive advantage.

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Award-Winning Performance.

S&H is recognized as the most reliable supplier within the supply chain. Our customers demand the highest quality. Year after year, we produce thousands of products with award winning, benchmark performance.

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Engineering Support.

We work closely with your New Product Development team to launch new products through qualification, re-design legacy products for better performance and price reduction, and provide consistent production support. We help design and manufacture a concept into a proven product.

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Always on Time.

The customer’s most expensive part is the one they don't have when they need it. At S&H we consistently deliver products that are on-time so that you can maintain your delivery requirements. We will also make an investment in inventory to help our customers with zero lead-time at no added cost.

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Consistent, Reliable Performance

Our advanced processes and proprietary systems help us to achieve some of the highest quality and on-time delivery stats in the business.
Quality Stats - 2013 - 2017 YTD
On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery Stats - 2013 - 2017 YTD

Sophisticated Milling and Turning

Combining more than 60 CNC machines with the vast expertise of our staff, we are capable of producing highly complex products, including Impellers and Hydraulic Manifolds. Tell us what you need and
we'll get it done.

Titanium Machining

We are recognized for our ability to machine complex parts from titanium. We have the experience, machinery and procedures to manufacture titanium products that other manufacturers avoid.

Complete Assembly & Testing

We provide complete assembly and testing services for the products we manufacture. From Check Valves and Relief Valves, to Lee Plugs and Helicoil Inserts, from our Press Fit and Shrink Fit process to Gauss Testing and laser marking, all assembly is performed according to detailed specifications displayed in our MAP ERP System.

50 Years in Business and Still Growing

The alignment of more than five decades of experience with committed leadership and strong managed growth ensures that we will be here to serve our customers for the next 50 years.

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