S&H at a Glance

“Our success depends on the success of our customers.”
David Fisher, President, S&H Machine

At S&H, perfection is our mandate. There is no other option. Consistent reliability is our record. Customers trust that we will perform. Our guarantee: We won’t let you down. We will deliver. We care. Excellence is what we value. When you choose S&H… You get us.

Certifications & Recognition
  • AS9100 / ISO 9001
  • DDTC Registered, ITAR Compliant
  • Eaton Corporation Premier Supplier Award Winner: 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011
Superior Performance
  • Quality Performance:  99.81%
  • On-Time Delivery Performance: 98.52%
  • Defective Rate, Parts per Million Performance: 1848
  • SCMG – Southern California Manufacturing Group
  • Aerospace Industries Association
  • Multi-Axis Palletized CNC Machining
  • 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC Milling
  • Multi-Axis CNC Turning & Mill / Turn
  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • Drilling
  • Assembly
  • Complex machined parts
  • Engineering Support
  • Sub-Assembly & Testing
  • Commercial Aerospace
  • Military Aerospace
  • Business Jets
  • Rotorcraft
  • Missile Systems
  • Defense
  • Industrial
  • Impellers
Key Statistics
  • Annual Sales: > $15,500,000.00
  • Employees: 86
  • Square Footage: 47,000
  • Long Term Contract Manufacturing
  • Multi-Axis Palletized CNC Machining
  • Specializing in complex machined parts
  • Engineering Support
  • Sub-Assembly & Testing
  • Materials: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel and Titanium
  • Hog out of bar stock & plate stock
Key Customers
  • Crane Aerospace & Electronics
  • Eaton Aerospace
  • Esterline Corporation
  • MOOG
  • Parker Aerospace
  • Pacific Scientific
  • Triumph Group
  • Woodward, Inc.
Key Programs
  • Engines: Leap X, GE Passport 20
  • Commercial Aerospace: Boeing 787, 777X, 737MAX; Airbus A350, A330neo, A320neo; Bombardier C Series; Embraer E2
  • Business Jets:Bombardier Global Express, Cessna Citation, Dassault Falcon, Embraer Phenom, Gulfstream G650, G600, G550; Honda Jet
  • Rotorcraft: CH-53, CH-47, CH-48, UH-60, V-22
  • Military Aerospace: F-35, F-22, F-18, KC-46, C-17, C-130, B-52, A400M
  • Defense:Abrams M1, Paladin, LRAS, ITAS
  • Missile Systems: AMRAAM, Coyote, Hellfire, Patriot, Pegasus, SM03 Interceptor
  • Space: Atlas and Delta Rockets


37 Vertical CNC Machining Centers
  • Doosan DVF 5000 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center  w/ 8-pallet Delivery System
  • Mori-Seiki NMV5000 DCG 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center
  • Matsuura MAM 72-35V 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center – Unattended Machining 24 Hours per Day!
  • 5 Matsuura MX-520 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centers
  • 2  Mori Seiki NV5000 Vertical Machining Centers with Tsudokoma 5-Axis Rotary Tables
  • 2  Mori Seiki NV5000 Vertical Machining Centers with Tsudokoma 4-Axis Rotary Tables
  • 2 Mori Seiki FM-2 Vertical Machining Centers with 4-Axis Indexers
  • 2 Mori Seiki MV-Jr Vertical Machining Centers – One with 4-Axis Indexer, One with 4-Axis Rotary Table
  • 4 Toyoda FV1365 50-Taper Vertical Machining Centers with 4-Axis Tsudokoma Rotary Tables
  • Toyoda FV1565 50-Taper Vertical Machining Center with 4-Axis Tsudokoma Rotary Table
  • DMG / Mori Seiki DuraVertical 5060 Vertical Machining Center
  • Mori Seiki SV-40 Vertical Machining Center with 4-Axis Indexer
  • 2 Haas VF-4 Super High Speed 4-Axis Vertical Machining Centers
  • 2 Mori-Seiki SV-500 4-Axis
  • 2 Mori-Seiki SV-50 4-Axis
  • Mori-Seiki SV-400 4-Axis
  • Haas Super Mini Mill
  • Doosan DNM500 II
  • Doosan DNM5700S 4-Axis Vertical Machining Center
  • 2 Kitamura 4XiF CNC Vertical Machining Centers
  • Doosan MV5025/50 CNC Vertical Machining Center
  • Matsuura V.Plus-550 Vertical Machining Center
  • 2 Daewoo Mynx 500 Vertical Machining Centers
3 Horizontal CNC Machining Centers
  • Kitamura HX500i CNC Horizontal Machining Center
  • Doosan NHP4000 Horizontal Machining Center
  • Mori-Seiki SH-503 Horizontal Machining Center
36 CNC Lathes
  • Mori Seiki NL1500MC (Mill/Turn)
  • Mori Seiki SL2500SY (Dual Spindle Mill/Turn)
  • Mori Seiki SL-204MC (Mill/Turn)
  • Mori Seiki SL-253MC (Mill/Turn)
  • Mori-Seiki DuraTurn 2050
  • Mori Seiki SL-253
  • Mori Seiki CL2000
  • 2 Mori Seiki SL-200
  • Mori Seiki SL-20
  • Nakamura Tome TMC-18
  • 2 Mori-Seiki ZL-200 TT/TS
  • 4 Mori-Seiki CL-25
  • 2 Mori-Seiki CL-20
  • 2 Mori-Seiki CL-15
  • 2 Mori-Seiki CL-203
  • 2 Mori-Seiki SL-400
  • Mori-Seiki SL65
  • Mori-Seiki SL25 CNC Lathe
  • 2 Samsung SL-2000 CNC Lathes
  • Hitachi-Seiki HTG40
  • 2 Daewoo LC-300LB CNC Turning Center
  • Daewoo 250L CNC Turning Center
  • Daewoo 240L CNC Turning Center
  • Doosan Puma GT2100B
  • Doosan Lynx 220LC Turning Center
four individuals working together in what appears to be a machining workshop. They are gathered around a large piece of equipment – likely a precision measurement tool or a CNC machine – focusing on a part or component that one of them is holding. One person is adjusting or measuring something on the machine with a dial indicator, which is used to measure small distances or angles. The men are dressed in casual work attire, with one wearing a buttoned shop coat, which suggests a hands-on engineering or technical environment. There's a Haas machine in the background, indicating that this is a workshop with CNC capabilities. The team seems engaged and cooperative, indicative of a collaborative work environment.


We’re growing and looking for career-focused team members to join us. We believe in hiring people who care about what we do.  The work we do is critical to the safety of others.  Are you up for the challenge?