Our Team Vision

“We are a team with a shared vision, values and goals.”
David Fisher, President, S&H Machine

Team Vision

We set the bar for manufacturing performance through our excellence, passion, ingenuity and continuous improvement resulting in unmatched reliability.

a collection of metallic round parts with a central hole and raised concentric rings. The reflective surface indicates that the parts are either polished or have a machined finish. These components might be used in mechanical assemblies, possibly as flanges or bearings, where a shaft or pipe would pass through the central hole. The parts are manufactured with precision and have a high-quality finish, which is essential for components that are likely to be part of a larger machine or system requiring tight tolerances and smooth surfaces to function correctly. The image conveys a sense of industrial craftsmanship and the capabilities of modern manufacturing technologies.
a large number of identical metal components that are likely manufactured using a precision machining process. They are organized in rows and columns, with a uniform appearance, suggesting they are part of a batch production. The parts have a complex geometry with curved and flat surfaces, and the shine on the edges indicates a finished machining process. This image could be used in industrial contexts to showcase manufacturing capabilities, precision, and uniformity in production. It gives a sense of scale of manufacturing operations where numerous parts are produced to exact specifications, which could be essential for industries that require high-quality machine components, such as aerospace or automotive sectors.


We provide the highest quality precision machined products and assemblies that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. Our commitment is to fully conform to the ISO 9001 and AS9100 quality standards and to actively participate in continuous improvement efforts.

Shared Values

We believe in:









a tool turret from a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathe or milling machine. The turret holds various cutting tools and can rotate to bring each tool into the working position as needed during machining operations. The focused laser point might be part of a tool pre-setter system used to measure the tool's geometry. This is typically used in precision manufacturing settings where accurate machining is critical. The photo has a narrow depth of field, with the first few tools in focus, gradually blurring further down the line, highlighting the precision required in such environments. The color tone suggests it's been taken with a filter or edited for a more dramatic, professional look, emphasizing the intricacy of the machinery.
an individual concentrating on inspecting or assembling a complex mechanical part, likely in a quality control or engineering context. The person is sitting at a desk with papers that may include technical drawings or inspection reports. They are using a precision tool, possibly a caliper or a similar measuring device, indicating a meticulous approach to ensuring the part meets strict specifications. The setting is an office-like environment within an industrial or manufacturing facility, emphasizing the detailed and focused nature of the task at hand.

Our Purpose

At S&H, Perfection is our Mandate. There is no other option.

Consistent reliability is our record.

Customers trust that we will perform.

Our guarantee is “We won’t let you down.”

We will deliver. We care. Excellence is what we value.

When you choose S&H, you get Us.