“Excellence is what we value.”
David Fisher, President, S&H Machine

Quality and precision is in our DNA.  Our Quality Management System is certified to both the ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards.

Part Videos

a machined metallic shaft with a complex geometry. It features several stepped diameters, indicating different sections for specific fits or purposes, and it seems to have both external and internal threads, which suggests it can be screwed into another part or have something screwed onto it. There are also milled slots and drilled holes, likely for pins or for oil passage if it's part of a lubricated assembly. The precision of the machining suggests this part could be used in a mechanical or automotive application, possibly as part of a transmission system or a complex engine component. The reflective surface and the white background create a professional look, highlighting the metallic material, likely steel or aluminum, and the craftsmanship of the piece.

Part 360 Video Example 1

a high-precision machined part, possibly made from aluminum given its color and sheen. It's a complex component with multiple faces, each having drilled and tapped holes indicating areas for bolting to other parts. There is a prominent cylindrical section with a smooth bore, which could be a bearing seat or a guide for another fitting part. Its multi-faceted nature suggests it could be part of a larger assembly, likely in machinery that requires exacting specifications, such as aerospace, automotive, or advanced manufacturing equipment. The background is neutral and slightly overexposed, putting the focus on the machine part itself. The part's surface is finely finished with no visible tool marks, which implies high-quality manufacturing standards.

Part 360 Video Example 2

a large, complex metallic machine component. It has a silver-gray color, typical of untreated or raw aluminum or steel, with a matte finish. The part is multi-faceted with several bores of different sizes, some threaded and others not, suggesting a function that involves fluid or gas transfer, or as a structural component where other parts may be bolted on. There are various flanges with bolt holes, indicating that this part can be mounted onto other equipment. The irregular external shape suggests that it could be part of a specialized industrial machine, possibly related to hydraulic systems, engines, or heavy machinery. The visible machining marks imply that this component is precisely engineered for specific functionality within a larger assembly.

Part 360 Video Example 3

a small, silver-colored, metallic machine component on a white background. It appears to have a spiral or helical design with a central bore, which is possibly threaded to allow it to be screwed onto a corresponding male component. The swirling layers of the metal create a stepped or tiered appearance, suggesting that this part may function as a type of gear or perhaps a component within a larger mechanical system where controlled movement is necessary. The part has a polished finish, indicating precise machining and manufacturing for a specific industrial application. The blurred background accentuates the object, highlighting its metallic luster and precision-crafted contours.

Part 360 Video Example 4

a close-up view of a metallic machine part with a complex design. It is made of a shiny metal, likely aluminum, given its silvery appearance and machined finish. The component has multiple recesses, protrusions, and holes with varying diameters, some of which are threaded to accommodate bolts or screws. The central raised cylindrical hub possibly serves as a pivot or mounting point. The intricate structure suggests it may be part of a larger mechanical assembly, such as an engine, gearbox, or industrial machinery, where precision and the ability to connect to other components are crucial. Visible on the surface are various machined patterns, which demonstrate high-quality workmanship. There's a clear contrast between the finely machined areas and the raw metal surfaces, indicative of a component manufactured with attention to detail.

Part 360 Video Example 5

a precisely engineered metal component with a silver-gray finish, typical of aluminum or steel. It has a block-like structure with various cylindrical bores and openings, some of which are threaded for connection to bolts or pipes. The part has a robust construction with several flanges, each featuring bolt holes for assembly or attachment purposes. Its design suggests functionality within mechanical systems, possibly as a valve body, pump housing, or part of a hydraulic system. The component's size and complexity indicate that it might be used in industrial machinery or automotive applications, where such precision and durability are required.

Part 360 Video Example 6

a complex, high-precision machined metal part with a metallic finish, which suggests it might be made from aluminum or a similar alloy. It has multiple connection flanges with bolt holes for secure attachment within a system. The part includes cylindrical sections with interior threading, indicating that it is likely designed to interface with other components such as pipes or hoses, possibly for fluid transfer. The presence of what appears to be a mounting bracket suggests this part could be part of a larger assembly, potentially within the automotive, aerospace, or industrial machinery sectors. The precise nature of the machining indicates that it's manufactured to high tolerances, which is characteristic of components that need to withstand operational stresses or maintain strict performance standards.

Part 360 Video Example 7

a precision-machined part, likely made from aluminum given its color and machined surface texture. It appears to be a component of a larger mechanical or hydraulic system, considering the various ports and connections. There are cylindrical sections with what appear to be threaded holes for fasteners or fluid connections, and several surfaces have been finely machined to ensure a proper seal when assembled. The part could be a segment of a valve body or pump housing, considering the fluid ports and robust design. The manufacturing process likely included CNC machining, and the part may be used in applications ranging from automotive to industrial equipment.

Part 360 Video Example 8

Part Photos

four individuals working together in what appears to be a machining workshop. They are gathered around a large piece of equipment – likely a precision measurement tool or a CNC machine – focusing on a part or component that one of them is holding. One person is adjusting or measuring something on the machine with a dial indicator, which is used to measure small distances or angles. The men are dressed in casual work attire, with one wearing a buttoned shop coat, which suggests a hands-on engineering or technical environment. There's a Haas machine in the background, indicating that this is a workshop with CNC capabilities. The team seems engaged and cooperative, indicative of a collaborative work environment.


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