“The company’s greatest asset is its people and their knowledge.”
David Fisher, President, S&H Machine

For 64 years, S&H Machine has helped our customers increase profitability by reducing the cost of quality and by providing reliable solutions to their complex machining and sub-assembly needs.

David Fisher


David Fisher has more than thirty years of experience working in aerospace, defense and medical manufacturing. He joined S&H Machine in 1995, and was appointed President in 2008.

David Fisher sits on several advisory boards for both for profit and non profit organizations. He also serves as a coach, mentor and advisor to other business owners as well as to young adults entering careers or who are trying to determine their vocation. David Fisher is an entrepreneur who owns and operates multiple sales, engineering, manufacturing and real-estate businesses.

He is the Founder and current President of the Southern California Manufacturing Group (SCMG). He attended the California State University at Northridge, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Communication.

Mr. Fisher - President

Dao Ha

Vice President

Dao Ha has more than thirty-three years of experience in Aerospace, Defense and Medical manufacturing as a Machinist. He joined the company as a CNC machinist in 1986 and was promoted to Production Manager in 1998. Due to his experience, talent and outstanding leadership he was promoted to Vice President in 2006.

Dao Ha has extensive knowledge of complex four and five-axis milling, multi-axis turning, CNC programming and Manufacturing Engineering. As the Top Level Machinist in our organization, he is chiefly responsible for interfacing with customer engineering groups on their most challenging New Product Developments, and he oversees all personnel in the production department. He is also an inventor of unique patented devices that have helped change our industry.

Mr. Ha

Yvonne Ha Gonzalez

Director, Finance & Human Resources

Yvonne Ha Gonzalez has worked at S&H for more than 15 years and is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources and Administration.

She started at S&H in 2005 as an Administrative Assistant. She then served as a Finance Supervisor, Finance Manager, and was promoted to Director of Finance and Human Resources in 2019. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from California State University, Northridge and received her Master’s in Business Administration from Woodbury University in 2021.

Ms. Ha

Alvaro Tenorio

Director, Operations & Supply Chain

Alvaro Tenorio has over 15 years of experience working in Aerospace Supply Chain management.

He started at S&H in January 2007 as an Account Manager and was quickly promoted to Shipping and Receiving Clerk where he worked seamlessly with our suppliers to improve lead time and supplier customer service. In 2011, he was promoted to Operations Manager. He was then responsible for directing and coordinating all operational activities to ensure that workflow within the company is supporting both tactical and strategic goals and objectives. In 2020, Alvaro was promoted to Director of Operations and Supply Chain.

Mr. Tenorio

Eric Isaacson

Quality Manager

Eric M. Isaacson has more than 25 years manufacturing experience, and over 15 years of experience in quality management. Eric was hired in 2022, and brings manufacturing, quality, and information technologies experience with him.

Eric brings a strong background in contract review, specification management, and process flow mapping. He is a strong supporter of the 7 management principles of AS9100 and is committed to process improvement.

Eric Isaacson
four individuals working together in what appears to be a machining workshop. They are gathered around a large piece of equipment – likely a precision measurement tool or a CNC machine – focusing on a part or component that one of them is holding. One person is adjusting or measuring something on the machine with a dial indicator, which is used to measure small distances or angles. The men are dressed in casual work attire, with one wearing a buttoned shop coat, which suggests a hands-on engineering or technical environment. There's a Haas machine in the background, indicating that this is a workshop with CNC capabilities. The team seems engaged and cooperative, indicative of a collaborative work environment.


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