“Our success depends on the success of our customers.”
David Fisher, President, S&H Machine

For 64 years, S&H Machine has helped our customers increase profitability by reducing the cost of quality and by providing reliable solutions to their complex machining and sub-assembly requirements.

Quality & Control

Our custom-built MAP ERP software sends real-time information directly to iPads on the production floor. This gives us control over the entire system and allows us to achieve some the the highest quality and on-time delivery stats in the business.

On-Time Delivery

Lean Manufacturing principles help eliminate inefficiencies and waste, leading to increased throughput. Our on-time delivery ratings are among the highest in the manufacturing industry.

Investment in our Customers

For customers who need zero lead-time, we will make an investment in maintaining inventory at no added cost. If necessary, we will also invest to expand our manufacturing capacity for mission critical and production critical requirements.

Sophisticated Milling & Turning Equipment

More than 70 highly sophisticated multi-axis CNC machining centers to run your most complex products. Our 5-axis palletized CNC machining centers are capable of unattended production, twenty-four hours a day.

Complex Titanium Manufacturing

S&H is recognized for our ability to machine complex parts from titanium. We have the experience, machinery and procedures to manufacture titanium products that other manufacturers avoid.

Engineering Support

We provide engineering support and manufacturing expertise. We will work with your engineering department so that your new products can be produced with even greater confidence.

Complete Assembly & Testing

From Check Valves and Relief Valves, to Lee Plugs and Helicoil Inserts, from our Press Fit and Shrink Fit process to Gauss Testing and laser marking, we provide complete assembly and testing services for the products we manufacture.

Continued Growth

Since 2010 we have added an additional 28,000 square feet of manufacturing space and a second campus in South El Monte, California. The S&H campus now occupies eight buildings for a total of 47,000 square feet.

Talented Staff

S&H is proud to employ a team of nearly 100 highly skilled and motivated employees. A top priority is for our team members to fully develop their skills and our processes.


For 64 years, S&H has been working with some of the most well-respected companies in manufacturing. They keep coming back to us because we deliver what we promise, on time and on-spec.

Why should you do business with S&H? Because you want it done right the first time and every time thereafter.

Manufacturing has undergone an incredible transformation. Leading OEMs must accept and share greater responsibility in order to gain market share. To excel in this industry requires flexibility, control, skill and measured results.

S&H meets and exceeds the demands of a global industry head-on, serving critical Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers such as Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Eaton Aerospace, Esterline Corporation, MOOG, Parker Aerospace, Pacific Scientific, Triumph Group and Woodward, Inc.

These customers choose to do business with S&H because of our outstanding quality, our reliability, our adherence to Lean principles, and because we deliver the best value in highly competitive markets.

We embrace the Lean business model in order to meet the demands of the industries we serve; we practice 6S to help reduce waste, eliminate inefficient processes, increase throughput, and reduce lead times. We consistently achieve on-time delivery and quality ratings that are among the best in the manufacturing industry.

a control panel, likely from a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine given the specific controls and digital readouts. It has various buttons and switches for different functions such as spindle speed control, mode selection (auto, manual, MDI), feed rate override, and rapid movement percentage. The panel also includes optional functions for axis control, an emergency stop button, and settings for the spindle gear (high/low). LED indicators provide visual feedback for the operator on the status of different machine functions. The numerical displays are currently showing "04" and "83," which could refer to program line numbers, tool numbers, error codes, or specific parameter values depending on the machine's status and mode of operation.


a commercial jet airliner in flight, with a prominent company logo on the fuselage. The airplane is painted in a distinctive blue and white livery, showcasing the sleek, modern design typical of current commercial aircraft. The plane is shown above the clouds, suggesting high-altitude travel, and the image is likely meant to represent the technological advancements and engineering prowess of the manufacturer. The clear skies and the aircraft’s upward angle give a sense of optimism and the spirit of exploration.
Commercial Aerospace

Boeing: 787, 777X, 737MAX
Airbus: A350, A330neo, A320neo,
Bombardier C Series, Embraer E2

a sleek business jet flying over a coastal landscape, likely indicating the aircraft's capability for private, luxury travel. The design features multiple windows, a pointed nose, and winglets at the tips of its wings, characteristic of modern business jets designed for speed and efficiency. The setting is picturesque and serene, possibly implying the exclusive and leisurely experience of flying on a private jet. The registration number is visible on the tail, which is a requirement for aircraft identification.
Business Jets

Bombardier Global Express, Cessna Citation, Dassault Falcon, Embraer Phenom, Gulfstream G650, G600, G550; Honda Jet

an aerial view of a rotorcraft, commonly referred to as a helicopter, in flight over a mountainous terrain. The helicopter is depicted from a dynamic angle, emphasizing its rotor blades which are in motion and the fuselage. It's a scene that could be related to various applications such as military, emergency services, or transportation, illustrating the rotorcraft's capabilities in challenging environments where traditional aircraft might not be able to operate effectively.

CH-53, CH-47, CH-48, UH-60, V-22

a fighter jet in flight against a clear blue sky. The jet has a single tail fin and distinctive air intakes on the sides, indicating it is a military aircraft designed for speed and maneuverability. Its sleek aerodynamic shape is typical of modern combat aircraft, and there is a visible cockpit where the pilot operates the jet. The presence of markings and insignia on the tail would usually identify the aircraft's national origin or the military branch it belongs to.
Military Aerospace

F-35, F-22, F-18, KC-46, C-17, C-130, B-52, A400M

a military tank in a firing position in a rocky, barren landscape. The tank is tracked, armored, and equipped with a large caliber cannon, which is in the process of firing, as evidenced by the smoke and the visible blast from the barrel. The design of the tank, with its robust tracks and heavily armored turret, suggests it is built for direct combat roles, providing firepower and survivability on the battlefield. The setting appears to be a rough, outdoor terrain, likely simulating a combat environment.

Abrams M1, Paladin, LRAS, ITAS

a close-up view of a missile. The missile has a pointed nose, cylindrical body, and fins or stabilizers, which are typical characteristics of such an object designed to be propelled through the air. It is likely mounted on a stand or part of a display, suggesting that it may not be in operational condition, but rather exhibited for demonstration, educational, or decommissioned display purposes.
Missile Systems

AMRAAM, Coyote, Hellfire, Patriot, Pegasus, SM03 Interceptor

a view of Earth from space. You can see the curvature of the planet against the stark blackness of space. There are clouds visible over the blue of the ocean, indicating the Earth's atmosphere. This kind of image is typically associated with space exploration and may be used in contexts related to astronomy, space programs, or earth sciences to show the beauty and fragility of our planet from a perspective that only space travel can provide.

Atlas and Delta Rockets

Engine Programs

Leap X, GE Passport 20

Superior Performance

S&H continues to exceed expectations. Our advanced processes and proprietary MAP ERP systems help us to achieve some of the highest quality and on-time delivery stats in the manufacturing business.

10 Year Quality Stats

10 Year On-Time Delivery Stats

10 Year DPM Stats

Stability & Growth

S&H is financially stable and low-risk. We have business continuity plans in place and have been a reliable partner for 64 years.

Financial Stability


Altman Z Score

(>2.9 = Safe Zone)

The Altman Z Score is a measurement of the financial stability of a company based on assets, liabilities, profit and market value. With a score of 4.30, we are well above the minimum safe zone score of 2.9 points.

Capital Investment

We believe in investing in our future and have a plan in place for continuous capital expenditures to increase our capabilities and stay ahead of the competition.

Capital Investments

Operational Redundancy

To continue our record of amazing on-time delivery and reliability we have implemented plans to keep production going smoothly.

Two Manufacturing Facilities

Facilities with similar capabilities and machines in Burbank and South El Monte California. Each facility has redundant air compressors to minimize production downtime.

Raw Material Analysis

We use Bruker S1 Titan field portable XRF analyzers, and independent agencies to perform raw material analysis at regular intervals to ensure compliance of our raw materials.

Stable Leadership Team & Cross-Training Program

Our employees and their knowledge are our greatest asset. We have implemented a cross-training program to ensure that key knowledge is shared.

AS9100 and ISO 9001 Registered

We are audited annually to ensure strict adherence to industry standards. Our AS9100 certification shows we meet additional standards for quality and safety in the aerospace industry.

Earthquake Insurance

Unlike many other manufacturers we have comprehensive earthquake insurance to ensure we can keep operating if disaster strikes.

Strategic Business Plan

Business planning is necessary for company growth and success. Our business plan communicates our growth strategy to the entire workforce, and provides for the necessary tools to track growth, establish a budget and prepare for unforeseen changes in the marketplace.

Planned Strategic Growth

We have met our revenue goals for the past five years and are on track to meet or exceed our goals for the second half of our ten year plan.

10 Year Growth Strategy

Awards & Associations

S&H is proud to have been recognized by our customers, suppliers and business groups for exceptional quality and service.

The image features a bold title that says FOUR YEARS! which likely indicates a celebration or acknowledgment of a consistent achievement across four years. Below this title are four clear acrylic trophies with black bases lined up in a row. Each trophy is engraved with the logo and name of Eaton Corporation, a power management company, and includes the text Premier Supplier Award. The trophies are for consecutive years, starting from 2008 to 2011, awarded to S&H Machine, Inc. This suggests that S&H Machine, Inc. has been recognized as a premier supplier by Eaton Corporation for four consecutive years, highlighting the company's consistent performance and reliability as a supplier.
Eaton Premier Supplier Award

For four years in a row, S&H Machine won the prestigious Eaton Premier Supplier Award. As a global technology leader, Eaton has an opportunity to work with thousands of different suppliers. That S&H was recognized four years in a row is a stellar achievement and we are not done yet. Our commitment to continuous improvement, quality and value means we are just getting started.

San Fernando Valley Business Journal Manufacturing Excellence Award

S&H Machine has been recognized as an industry leader in Manufacturing Excellence for our implementation of Lean Manufacturing principles, Set-Up Reduction, Dedicated Tooling, the development of Standard Work for Key Processes, and our Training and Incentive programs

San Fernando Valley Business Journal Manufacturing Leadership Award

S&H President David Fisher was presented with the Manufacturing Leadership Award for his work in forming the Southern California Manufacturers Group. This organization of Los Angeles area manufacturing companies meets regularly to discuss common challenges and formulate solutions which benefit the entire manufacturing community.

CRANE Hydro-Aire Premier Supplier Award

S&H Machine received the Preferred Supplier Award from CRANE Aerospace in recognition of our outstanding performance and continued support of the Hydro-Aire site in Burbank, California

Associations & Partner Companies

To remain one of the world’s most productive manufacturing companies, S&H Machine actively participates in industry associations and works closely with other leading companies to identify common issues and create solutions.

As one of the founding members of the Southern California Manufacturing Group, S&H Machine has built close ties with the best manufacturers in the Los Angeles area.  We recognize that even the best companies can learn from others and that sharing ideas makes everyone stronger.  We are proud of our proactive approach to help improve the entire manufacturing industry and invite you to join us.

The SCMG Logo
Southern California Manufacturing Group

A community of world-class Los Angeles area manufacturers who strategize, innovate and implement best practices to optimize performance of member companies.

Raptor Workholding
Raptor Workholding Products

Innovative  manufacturer of dovetail workholding products for 4 and 5-axis CNC machines. Raptor’s unique dovetail allows manufacturers to quickly change parts and allows access to five sides of the workpiece.

Net-Inspect Logo

A fully integrated suite of programs that drives continuous improvement and major cost savings in the manufacturing process. S&H clients can connect online to check quality, reduce costs and monitor processes.

Aerospace Industries Association
Aerospace Industries Association

The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) is the most authoritative and influential trade association representing the U.S. aerospace and defense industry. AIA’s strong advocacy is essential to protecting the interests of our nation and our industry.

Christopher Green Design
Christopher Green Design

A multi-disciplinary design company specializing in website design, web development, programming and graphic design. In addition to web site design, they can also help with logos, brochures, advertisements and marketing materials.

Glenn Gordon Photography
Glenn Gordon Photography

Award-winning photographer featuring product photography, portrait photos, live-event photography, surfing photos and more.

Community & Environment

Supporting our community and following responsible business practices are important to us. We are proud to take part in the following initiatives and activities.

Environmental Initiatives

We have company-wide programs to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment including:

  • Switched to non-toxic water-based cutting fluid.
  • Installed motion sensor lighting throughout facility.
  • Installed water bottle filling stations throughout facility to eliminate disposable plastic bottles.
  • Installed smart sprinkler timers to reduce water use.
  • Re-landscaped with low-water xeriscaping.
  • Installed automatic flush, low-flow valves in restrooms.
  • Coolant management for longer fluid life.
  • Installed efficient light fixtures.
  • Installed automatic lights.
  • Recycle all paper and cardboard.
  • Recycle cutting fluids.
  • Recycle electronic waste.
  • Recycle coolants and oils.
  • Program to replace machines with more energy efficient machines.
  • Recycling of all metal manufacturing waste.
  • Reduced paper usage with iPads at workstations.
Supporting our Community

We believe in supporting our community and helping to make the world a better place. S&H supports the following charities, programs and organizations:

  • Student Tours: We invite teachers from local schools to tour our facilities with their students. Kids are given a presentation about the manufacturing process, shown completed parts and encouraged to learn more about the industry, engineering and technology.
  • Manufacturing Career Counseling: We work with local high schools, vocational centers and community colleges to educate students about careers in manufacturing.
  • Apprenticeships and Internship Programs: We help students and graduates continue their education.
  • Charity donations to local organizations: S&H donates thousands of dollars every year to charitable and non-profit organizations.
  • Local fundraising and support: We encourage our employees to participate in fundraising events such as races, sports competitions and support organizations.
four individuals working together in what appears to be a machining workshop. They are gathered around a large piece of equipment – likely a precision measurement tool or a CNC machine – focusing on a part or component that one of them is holding. One person is adjusting or measuring something on the machine with a dial indicator, which is used to measure small distances or angles. The men are dressed in casual work attire, with one wearing a buttoned shop coat, which suggests a hands-on engineering or technical environment. There's a Haas machine in the background, indicating that this is a workshop with CNC capabilities. The team seems engaged and cooperative, indicative of a collaborative work environment.


We’re growing and looking for career-focused team members to join us. We believe in hiring people who care about what we do.  The work we do is critical to the safety of others.  Are you up for the challenge?