Work / Life Balance

“Excellence is what we value.”
David Fisher, President, S&H Machine

Work isn’t always about work. Sometimes it’s about relationships, supporting your community and having a healthy balance.

Employee Events

S&H encourages our employees to bond and form productive relationships with each other by participating in company and community events. Every month, we provide a monthly catered lunch and informational meeting. Our employees form sports teams to compete and fund raise for charity. We also organize trips to Dodger games, beach trips and family barbecues.

a beach scene during what appears to be late afternoon, given the warm, golden lighting. Several individuals are casually playing beach volleyball, with one person in the foreground hitting the ball. Onlookers and other beachgoers are present, some watching the game, others engaged in their own activities. In the background, there are colorful beachfront houses, which add a vibrant backdrop to the leisurely setting. The overall atmosphere of the picture is one of relaxation and enjoyment of a beautiful day on the sand, typical of a seaside community lifestyle or a vacation setting.
a carousel horse, which is part of a merry-go-round, a ride commonly found at amusement parks and fairs. The horse is ornately decorated with traditional carousel artistry, featuring gold, red, and green colors with intricate designs and flourishes that suggest an older, classic style. The pole in the center suggests it is one of the ride's moving figures, designed to go up and down as the carousel turns. The blurred background with another similar figure hints at the larger context of the carousel. This image evokes nostalgia and the simple joy of childhood amusement park experiences.

Family Discounts

We provide our team with access to discounts on movie tickets, theme parks, events, concerts, car rentals, local businesses and more.

Volunteer Opportunities

We firmly believe that when you help others, life is better for everyone. We encourage our team members to join local organizations, volunteer, educate others and help improve our community.

a group of individuals participating in an outdoor cleanup activity. They are wearing matching green t-shirts, which often signifies team or organizational unity, suggesting this could be a company-sponsored volunteer event. The focus is on a young man squatting down to pick up a plastic bottle, placing it into a black trash bag. His smile indicates a positive and enthusiastic approach to the task. In the background, others are also collecting trash, and there appear to be several filled garbage bags already. This scene conveys a sense of community service and environmental responsibility, highlighting an initiative to keep public spaces clean and promote ecological awareness.
Several people are standing around a serving table that is covered with aluminum trays of food, stacks of plates, and red plastic cups, suggesting a buffet-style service. A man in the center is smiling and engaging with someone, indicating a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The presence of umbrellas hints that it might be a sunny day or provides protection in case of light rain. In the background, there is a view of an open area that could be a beach or a wide promenade, adding to the leisurely ambiance. This scene likely represents a company or community event meant to provide a break from work, focusing on socialization and enjoyment.

Paid Time Off

Eligible employees are provided with two weeks of paid vacation every year and receive three weeks of paid vacation after working at S&H for five years. In addition, we provide 7 paid holidays per year so you can spend quality time with your family and friends.