S&H Machine is audited annually, ensuring strict adherence to industry standards such as AS9100 and ISO 9001.

The AS and ISO Standards are the governing quality requirements for top performing companies competing in the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, and Medical Industries.

ISO 9001 ensures that S&H Machine complies with the standards for Quality Management Systems including process management, resource management, calibration and measurements, purchasing and more, all while working towards continuous improvement.

Our AS9100 certification shows we meet additional standards for quality and safety in the aerospace industry.

S&H Machine is DDTC Registered and ITAR Compliant.

ITAR Compliant
AS9100 Certification
four individuals working together in what appears to be a machining workshop. They are gathered around a large piece of equipment – likely a precision measurement tool or a CNC machine – focusing on a part or component that one of them is holding. One person is adjusting or measuring something on the machine with a dial indicator, which is used to measure small distances or angles. The men are dressed in casual work attire, with one wearing a buttoned shop coat, which suggests a hands-on engineering or technical environment. There's a Haas machine in the background, indicating that this is a workshop with CNC capabilities. The team seems engaged and cooperative, indicative of a collaborative work environment.


We’re growing and looking for career-focused team members to join us. We believe in hiring people who care about what we do.  The work we do is critical to the safety of others.  Are you up for the challenge?