Training & Education Programs

“Perfection is our Mandate. There is no other option.”
David Fisher, President, S&H Machine

We want you to grow and learn new skills so we have a variety of educational opportunities available for our employees and internships.

Employee Cross-Training

Our employees and their knowledge are our greatest asset. We have implemented a cross-training program to ensure that key knowledge is shared. You will learn a variety of skills which will enhance your value and broaden your knowledge of the industry.

Three men looking at a precision machined part held by the man in the center. The other two men hold plans or documents while the center man explains a feature of the part suggesting training.
a man in a dark blue t-shirt with

Training Internships

We work with local colleges, trade schools and universities to provide internship opportunities. Interns learn by working alongside our experienced team members and are rotated through multiple positions so they can get a strong overview of the industry.

Vocational Programs

We work with local vocational and trade schools to provide equipment, training, resources and mentorship, encouraging students to develop a passion for manufacturing.


A group of students from LAVCC standing in a group while visiting the S&H Machine facility. They are all wearing safety glasses. A CNC machine and an American flag can be seen in the background.
a person working on a laptop with a 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) model on the screen, suggesting that they are engaged in an engineering design or review process. The CAD model appears to be a part with a complex shape, likely for manufacturing. In the background, there is industrial machinery, possibly a CNC machine, indicating that this setting is a manufacturing facility or machine shop. The person appears focused on their work, possibly making adjustments to the design or preparing the model for machining. This scene represents the integration of modern design technology in a manufacturing environment.

Employee Education Reimbursement

We want you to grow and increase your knowledge and we encourage you to work towards a degree. Required courses leading to an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Advanced degree in an area related to S&H’s business may be eligible for reimbursement up to $1,000 per year.



Learning by doing is still one of the best ways to learn. We work with schools and manufacturing organizations to provide apprenticeship opportunities to enthusiastic workers.


a group of five men focused on a task in what appears to be a workshop or manufacturing environment. They are gathered around a workbench where a laptop and some papers are visible, suggesting they may be discussing plans or data related to machining. The presence of a CNC machine in the background indicates that this could be a hands-on training session or a problem-solving discussion. All individuals are dressed in dark blue work uniforms with the "S&H MACHINE" logo, which implies they are part of the same team or company, engaged in skilled manufacturing work, possibly as part of an apprenticeship or continuous professional development program.
a focused man wearing a dark polo shirt embroidered with the logo "S&H MACHINE Manufacturing Excellence". He is closely examining a metallic mechanical component, possibly during an inspection or quality control process. The man holds a pen in his hand, suggesting he may be about to take notes or mark the part. The setting looks like a workshop or educational environment due to the plain background and fluorescent lighting, which is common in manufacturing facilities and training areas. This could be indicative of hands-on instruction or mentorship in precision manufacturing or engineering.


We have an active mentorship program which provides regular advice and goals to students in manufacturing related programs. Employees are also paired up with less experienced team members to provide knowledge give direction and build skills.