Expanding Capacity at S&H

an assortment of square-shaped metallic components with central cylindrical projections, each featuring an interior threaded hole. These parts appear to be housings or mounts, potentially for mechanical or electrical applications, evidenced by the presence of multiple bolt holes around the periphery of the square flange. The central raised section is likely designed to secure or align with another part, while the threads inside suggest an adjustable or secure fitting. Each piece gleams with a silver tone, indicative of a material like aluminum or stainless steel, and they are uniformly placed in rows on a contrasting dark background. The repetition and alignment of the components create a visually striking grid pattern, highlighted by the warm lighting that casts soft shadows and enhances the texture and reflective quality of the metal surfaces.

Our customers in the Aerospace market are keenly aware of the challenges they face with the finite capacity of the supply base. With so many new programs in development there is a growing strain throughout the supply chain. S&H is growing at a rapid rate to meet the needs of our customers and we are ready to help: If we don’t have the capacity now we will create it. If we don’t have the people now, we will hire and train them. If we receive the right opportunity and we lack the necessary equipment, we will make the necessary capital investments to grow our business and support our customers.

Struggling to assemble and test your product? We can help you with that. S&H is expanding assembly and test capability to support our customers. Contact us to be part of our growth.