New CMM Allows Ultra High-Speed 5-Axis Scanning

Mituyo Coordinate Measuring  Machine testing partS&H Machine is proud to announce that we have made an investment in the new standard for measurement excellence with the Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex 5-axis CNC CMM, outfitted with a Renishaw REVO probe! One of only two such machines in the United States, this allows ultra-high-speed 5-axis scanning for helical, gasket and sweeping sampling of up to 4,000 points per second.

This new equipment facilitates access to complex workpieces and increases throughput during inspection measurement. Once again, S&H is at the forefront of capitalizing on the newest innovations to improve performance.

S&H is winning new business

  • % Sales Increase

S&H continues an impressive growth trend, growing 160% since Year 2009!

New product awards are on the rise as key customers search for qualified high performing suppliers like S&H, who are capable of negotiating long term contract manufacturing agreements to support the ramp up in production on new aerospace platforms.

S&H is winning new business on key aircraft programs such as Airbus A320neo, A330neo, A350, and A400M; Boeing 737MAX, 777X, and 787-900; the LeapX Engine main Fuel Pump; Gulfstream G650; Sikorsky CH-53K; the Air Force Super Tanker KC-46, and the Snecma Silvercrest turbofan.  We want to thank our customers for their trust and confidence:  Crane Aerospace, Eaton Aerospace, Esterline Advanced Sensors, Moog Aircraft Group, Parker Aerospace, Triumph Actuation Systems, and Woodward, Inc. Learn how we can help your business

Performance Stats Display Manufacturing Excellence

At S&H Machine, we take pride in achieving superior performance and delivering outstanding service.  Our performance numbers for Quality, On-Time Delivery and Defective Parts per Million (DPPM) continue to reinforce the message that S&H cares about the success of our customers.

Take a look at the metrics below to see our consistently superior performance over the past five years.  Then contact us to find out how we can provide the same experience to your company.

Quality Stats

On-Time Delivery Stats

Defect Rate PPM Stats

S&H Helps 'Ready for the World'

Ready for the World LogoS&H Machine believes in giving back to our community. We sponsor various charities, local sports teams, high school manufacturing programs and robotics teams. That's why we are proud to contribute to a new non-profit dedicated to preparing our youth for tomorrow’s world.

"Ready for the World" is dedicated to augmenting skills taught in school by introducing them to real-world situations addressing economic, environmental and cultural understanding. According to the non-profit's founder, Anna Fisher, "Our classroom is the world. Learning takes place away from blackboards and lunchrooms. We explore real-life situations and discuss local issues on the spot, sharing ideas and solutions while in the moment."

We'll be participating and helping them to achieve success. We’re excited to see the results.

Family and Friends Beach Party

Summer is over and everyone at S&H has worked hard to meet and exceed our goals. To celebrate, we gathered our team members, their families and friends for a party in Hermosa Beach. There was food, drinks, volleyball and great company.

S&H adds new Mori-Seiki NMV5000

Mori Seiki CNC machineS&H Machine is expanding the capability of our full 5-axis simultaneous CNC machining with the arrival of our new Mori-Seiki NMV5000 DCG Vertical Machining Center. 

Already proven as a reliable 5-axis resource, this machine tool enables S&H to triple the size of our workpiece!

Capacity is available Now: Forty (40) Hours per week, two thousand (2,000) hours per year to start.

The benefits for us and our customers are extraordinary:
  • The World's Strongest, Fastest 5-axis machine
  • High rigidity structure allows stable machining accuracy and minimal vibration
  • 180 dedicated tools
  • Maximum Spindle Speed = 12,000 RPM
  • Direct Drive Motor to all rotary axes
  • Maximum Workpiece Weight: 600 pounds
  • Maximum Workpiece Diameter: 27.000"
  • Maximum Workpiece Height: 15.700"
  • B-axis travel: 180 Degrees
  • C-axis travel: 360 Degrees
  • X-axis travel: 28.000"
  • Y-axis travel: 20.000"
  • Z-axis travel: 20.000"
This is a stand alone unit (single work piece), and we plan to use the machine for New Product Development.  As we win the long term production contracts for those NPI products, we plan to purchase another NMV5000 with an automatic pallet pool system to support production requirements.

Please contact us to discuss our dedicated capacity solution tailored to your exact needs.

Introducing new Manufacturing Manager, Arturo Martinez

Manufacturing Manager, Arturo MartinezArt Martinez has more than 26 years experience in Aerospace and Defense manufacturing as a Machinist. He joined the company in July of 2012 and will serve as Manufacturing Manager, supporting the Production Manager in all areas of production control, manufacturing engineering, set-up, and CNC programming.

He has managed three separate aerospace manufacturing businesses throughout his career. He has extensive knowledge in hard CNC milling, CNC turning, estimating, job planning, programming and both first article and in-process inspection. He also brings unique experience to S&H, having also worked as a certified welder, sheet metal fabricator, and in spun metal manufacturing.

Welcome to the S&H Manufacturing team, Art!

Live Data, Paperless ERP

MAP - Live data, paperless ERP logo, screens showing dataLive and accurate data is a paramount requirement in the manufacturing environment. We have installed Key Process Indicators throughout the facility to display vital statistics to both our workforce and our visitors. This data is generated straight from our ERP system, MAP, and includes information such as sales figures, quality and on-time delivery ratings and capacity load by department. We also display the entire production schedule on the shop floor, which allows every employee to review and assess the performance of and demands on our organization.

We recently introduced paperless access to MAP for our production staff via the use of iPads. Sixteen S&H machinists are utilizing iPads to record job time, report discrepancies, request tools, view work order instructions, and more. The ultimate goal is to issue an iPad to every employee at S&H and go completely paperless on the shop floor. Want to know more? Contact us.

Power Flush Cleaning Cabinet clears debris

S&H Machine Power Flush cabinetForeign Objects and Debris are a primary concern to our customers. We understand the risks and we invested in a solution: We installed a new Power Flush cleaning cabinet that enables us to blast pressurized water-based cleaners through the intersecting bores and passageways of our parts.

This flushes out the foreign objects and debris so that when the final product is delivered to our customer it is free from contamination and ready for assembly. Our customers love it, and so will you.

Contact us today.

Expanding Capacity at S&H

S&H increases capacity grid of partsOur customers in the Aerospace market are keenly aware of the challenges they face with the finite capacity of the supply base. With so many new programs in development there is a growing strain throughout the supply chain. S&H is growing at a rapid rate to meet the needs of our customers and we are ready to help: If we don't have the capacity now we will create it. If we don't have the people now, we will hire and train them. If we receive the right opportunity and we lack the necessary equipment, we will make the necessary capital investments to grow our business and support our customers.

Struggling to assemble and test your product? We can help you with that. S&H is expanding assembly and test capability to support our customers. Contact us to be part of our growth.

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