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a bright, clear day with a blue sky and few clouds. The perspective is looking up toward the top of a building, where a large sign is mounted on a textured stone facade. The sign features the logo and name of "S&H Machine," suggesting that this is a manufacturing or machining company. The logo includes a stylized letter 'S' that curves around a central point, creating a dynamic and modern look. The angle of the photo gives a sense of the company's pride in its American identity and its place within the manufacturing industry.

S&H is Winning New Business

March 19, 2018 7:51 pm Published by

S&H continues an impressive growth trend, growing 160% since Year 2009! New product awards are on the rise as key customers search for qualified high performing suppliers like S&H.

A woman in a blue shirt and sunglasses smiles as she holds a paper plate of sandwiches and fruit. A child sitting on a wall holds a fork and is taking fruit off the plate. Behind them are three other kids and a couple also with plates of food sitting on a short wall. The setting is a beach boardwalk.

Family & Friends Beach Party

April 8, 2017 5:27 pm Published by

Summer is over and everyone at S&H has worked hard to meet and exceed our goals. To celebrate, we gathered our team members, their families and friends for a party in Hermosa Beach. There was food, drinks, volleyball and great company.

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Live Data, Paperless ERP

April 8, 2016 5:37 pm Published by

Live and accurate data is a paramount requirement in the manufacturing environment. We have installed Key Process Indicators throughout the facility to display vital statistics to both our workforce and our visitors.

S&H adds new Mori-Seiki NMV5000

April 8, 2016 5:35 pm Published by

S&H Machine is expanding the capability of our full 5-axis simultaneous CNC machining with the arrival of our new Mori-Seiki NMV5000 DCG Vertical Machining Center. 

an assortment of square-shaped metallic components with central cylindrical projections, each featuring an interior threaded hole. These parts appear to be housings or mounts, potentially for mechanical or electrical applications, evidenced by the presence of multiple bolt holes around the periphery of the square flange. The central raised section is likely designed to secure or align with another part, while the threads inside suggest an adjustable or secure fitting. Each piece gleams with a silver tone, indicative of a material like aluminum or stainless steel, and they are uniformly placed in rows on a contrasting dark background. The repetition and alignment of the components create a visually striking grid pattern, highlighted by the warm lighting that casts soft shadows and enhances the texture and reflective quality of the metal surfaces.

Expanding Capacity at S&H

March 8, 2015 5:48 pm Published by

S&H is growing at a rapid rate to meet the needs of our customers and we are ready to help: If we don't have the capacity now we will create it.